the power of energy growth

Attracting investors to the region of Far East is contingent on the development of power industry infrastructure. At present, this industry toils in the conditions of an undeveloped market, with deficient machinery and outmoded electrical grids. By 2025 “RusHydro” and “RAO ES Vostok” plan to put into operation about 4GWtt of new capacity from power stations, primarily to substitute the outmoded ones.

And this is just the start.

The project is created with support of “RusHydro” company.


The power industry in focus

Power industry facilities are almost always shown as amalgams of nature and technical progress

Rivers partitioned by dams of HPSs, electric power transmission lines that stretch along uninhabited territories, enormous cooling towers, turbines, power generators and other facilities. You can find many of these man-made world wonders in the TASS photo-gallery.

The project is created with support of “RusHydro” company.